Underground Construction of Athens - 3 Gefires

Projects / ATTICA /   30.03.2016

The project involves the construction of a four-track rail corridor, 2,36 km long, of which 1.330m consists of a fully underground alignment, starting from the exit of Athens R.S. towards Thessaloniki (Ch. 10+821) and ending at Treis Gefyres (3 Bridges) (Ch. 13+180) in the area of Sepolia, in Athens Municipality, where the line connects to the new four-track rail corridor, which was recently completed and opened to traffic.

The rail corridor mostly runs within the occupation zone of the existing corridor, and has a centre of gravity positioning with respect to the surrounding roadlines of the approved city plan.

The approx. 1.330m long underground alignment will consist of a double cross-section. The east half of the four-track corridor will mostly serve suburban trains, whereas the west half will be used mainly for intercity services.

Over the underground structure, it will be possible to restore connection of intersecting roads, which today are separated due to the ground-level rail alignment, as well as to cover most of the remaining surface with vegetation (trees, shrubs etc.).

Project status:
The relevant studies have been completed.


Studies: Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T)

Construction: The project is included in the Strategic Framework for Transport Investments 2014-2025 (SPEM)

Project cost estimate: 135 million Euros