Upgrading of SKA - Oinoi

Projects / ATTICA /   30.03.2016

The project involves upgrading the existing railway line from Acharnes Traffic Center (SKA) to the existing Railway Station of Inoi, totalling approx. 52 km. The project is of particular importance, as it helps complete the modernization of the main national rail corridor from Athens to Thessaloniki.



The following works will be executed in the above section:

  • Renovation and widening of the existing infrastructure, in order to:
  • secure the gauge required to lay the new trackwork within the existing expropriation zone.
  • upgrade the railway line envelope according to the regulations and standards in force, in order to serve interoperability requirements.
  • improve or/and restore the bearing capacity of the infrastructure.
  • Construction of overtaking tracks especially for freight trains, so as to increase network capacity, according to the relevant TSIs in force.
  • Renovation of the key Railway Station of Inoi, by means of reconfiguration, development and implementation of a new improved layout, in order to resolve certain electrification and signalling issues during construction, as well as by performing studies for building works/structures (new platforms, sheds, underground pedestrian crossing connecting the platforms, freight platform, mechanical rooms).
  • Improvement of traffic safety level in the existing Railway Station of Aliartos, through the construction of a new Road Underpass and a Pedestrian Overpass.
  • Construction of two (2) new Railway Stops: one in Kryoneri and one in Inofyta (approx. 900m southwards of the existing railway stop).
  • Construction of a Road Overpass near Agios Stefanos R.S.
  • Construction of a new freight platform in the existing Agios Stefanos R.S.


Project status:
The final studies are at the tendering stage.

Project funding:

Operational Programme “Transport Infrastructures, Environment and Sustainable Development 2014-2020"


Project cost estimate: 100 million Euros