Electrification of the Athens-Thessaloniki line (except for Tithorea-Domokos)

Projects / HORIZONTAL PROJECTS /   30.03.2016

The project involves the installation of electrification with telecommanding in the sections Acharnes – Tithorea and Domokos – Thessaloniki, and it was executed as part of multiple contracts carried out gradually.


The electrification of the section Domokos – Thessaloniki was gradually given into operation and commercial exploitation in September 2007 and in September 2008. Since then, a double electrified line is in operation.


Due to extensive looting / sabotage, the section Acharnes – Tithorea has not been given into operation, while a contract for the electrification resetting is currently in progress.


Project Stage:




Cohesion Fund 1994 – 1999 and 2000-2006

National Funds


Project Cost:  

168.9 mil. Euros



Construction start:  1996

Completion of electrification in the section Domokos – Thessaloniki: 2008

Project completion: 2010