Electrification of the Athens-Thessaloniki line

Projects / HORIZONTAL PROJECTS /   07.09.2017

The project involves the installation of electrification with telecommanding in the sections Acharnes – Tithorea and Domokos – Thessaloniki, and it was executed as part of multiple contracts carried out gradually.


The electrification of the section Domokos – Thessaloniki was gradually given into operation and commercial exploitation in September 2007 and in September 2008. Since then, a double electrified line is in operation.


Due to excessive thefts and vandalism incidents in the existing electrification system of the section Acharnes – Tithorea, restitution works have been completed since April 2017. The section Acharnes-Onoi has already been put into operation since May 2015.


 Also, electrification works in the section from exit of R.S Athens to Tris Gefyres have been completed since April 2017 and the section has been put into operation in August 2017. The section Tris Gefyres-Acharnes (SKA) had been delivered to OSE for use since December 2015 and after the operation of the electrified R.S. Athens (in July 2017) is under operation.


Project Stage:




Cohesion Fund 1994 – 1999 and 2000-2006

National Funds


Project Cost:  

189.5 mil. Euros



Construction start:  1996

Completion of electrification in the section Domokos – Thessaloniki: 2008

Completion of electrification in the section R.S. Athina- Tithorea: 2017 (after the restitution works)