Electrification Resetting in Aharnes - Tithorea

Projects / THESSALY - CENTRAL GREECE /   04.09.2017

The project involves the electrification resetting in the section Acharnes – Tithorea, which has become non-operational following extensive looting and vandalisms.

The works were completed in April 2017,  while the electrification of  the section Afidnai-Oinoi was given into operation from November 2014 and the electrification of the section Acharnes-Afidnai from May 2015. The electrification of the Oinoi-Tithorea section is expected to be commissioned after the end of the electrification work of the Tithoreas railway station (subject of the Tithorea-Domokos project).


Project Stage:




Public Investment Programme (PIP) (national funds)


Outturn Cost:  

20,6 mil. Euros



Construction start:  2013

Partial completion: Afidnai-Oinoi 2014, Acharnes-Afidnai 2015

Project Completion: April 2017