Human Resources

The Company  05.09.2017

The Company's Human Resources, its most valuable resource, currently amounts to 191 people and mainly consists in expert scientific personnel of the following training / education levels:


133 PE (University Education)                     Ηigher Εducation Ιnstitution (AEI) Graduates
  28 TE (Technological Education)               Technological Εducational Institute (TEI) Graduates
  28 DE (Secondary Education)                    Secondary Education (DE) Graduates
    2 ΥΕ (Obligatory Education)                     Compulsory Education (YE) Graduates

The above Personnel includes in detail:    
96 AEI Licensed Engineers, of various specialties
  9  Geologists/ Agronomists
  7  Lawyers
  5  AEI Economists     
16  AEI Graduates of various specialties

28  TEI Graduates (Engineers, Accountants, etc.)
It is also noted that, out of all the Company employees, four (4) people hold a PhD Degree and forty-eight (48) people a Post-Graduate Degree.

An occupational physician also provides her services to the Company.

The Company, acknowledging the importance of investing in its Personnel,

  • utilizes at the utmost degree its Personnel's capabilities in order to achieve its targets,
  • encourages, reinforces and trains its Personnel in order to develop and improve its skills as well as expand its experience.

Review the Company organizational diagram: