Patra - Pirgos - Kalamata

Projects / WESTERN GREECE - PELOPONNESE /   30.03.2016

The project involves the standardization (i.e. conversion of rail gauge from narrow to standard) and upgrading (improvement of geometrical characteristics, when feasible) of the existing single-track railway line in sections Patras – Pyrgos, totalling 131,8 km, and Alfios – Kyparissia – Kalamata, 119 km long, respectively.

The design speed is up to 160 km/h and the line will be equipped with electrification and modern signalling systems.


In more detail, the railway line is divided into the following sections:

Patras – Pyrgos

This section has a total length of 131,84 km, broken down as follows:

98,7 km from Patras to Pyrgos

20,8 km from Pyrgos to Ancient Olympia, and

12,3 km from Pyrgos to Katakolo

The final studies and tender documents for the above section have been prepared.


Alfios – Kyparissia – Kalamata

This section has a total length of 118,9 km, broken down as follows:

112,4 km from Alfios to Kalamata

6,5     km from Kalo Nero R.S. to Kyparissia

In addition, 2 variations of the existing railway line will be considered in areas where the line runs on mountainous terrain with very poor geometrical characteristics (very small horizontal curves and steep longitudinal gradients). The variations involve the following sections:

1st Section: Kalo Nero R.S. – Kopanaki R.S., approx. 13 km long.

2nd Section: Meligalas R.S. – Valyra R.S., approx. 8 km long.


The preliminary studies have been completed for the above section and the final studies remain to be performed.



Studies: Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T)

Project: The project has been proposed for implementation under the Junker package.


Project cost estimate: 600 mil. Euros