Extrovert Nature

The Company  05.09.2017

ERGA OSE SA manages the modernization projects of OSE's railway lines and facilities co-funded by the European Union Programs, as well as projects financed solely by national funds.

Pursuant to Law 3891/2010, "Restructuring, rationalization and development of the OSE Group and TRAINOSE" (article 4), ERGOSE's responsibilities now include, in addition to the management of the projects for the modernization of OSE's Greek railway network, the provision of services involving the planning, development, support, management, design, supervision and construction of all kinds of projects to third parties in Greece and abroad.

It also has the possibility to cooperate with Greek and international companies in order to participate in construction and modernization projects of the Railway Network in countries abroad, since it possesses substantial knowhow and expert technical personnel.

As part of the above, a main objective of ERGA OSE is the Company's extrovert nature and the utilization of the high level knowhow it has accumulated for the past 20 years as a result of project management in Greece.


Since 1997, the Company has ensured the necessary adequacy of organization, structure and suitable systems, so as to carry out the implementation of the projects assigned to it in an effective and reliable way. This adequacy is based on the following facts:


  • substantial knowhow and experience in the management and supervision of high speed railway infrastructure projects, such as long tunnels excavated through soil under adverse geotechnical conditions, long railway bridges constructed using advanced technology methods (e.g. gradual advancement) and, at the same time, highly advanced seismic design systems (e.g. seismic insulation), installation projects of modern signalling, telecommanding, telecommunications and electrification systems, as well as railway superstructure projects (with ballasted track and slab track), etc.
  •  written confirmation of its Management Sufficiency as the Project Beneficiary
  • expert and experienced human resources, including certified Project Manager Professionals, pursuant to the relevant standards
  • suitable organization of services covering all the sectors required for the execution of the projects (supervision, quality controls, health and safety, supporting services, etc.)
  • certified Quality Management System pursuant to ISO 9001:2008
  • certified Health & Safety System pursuant to ISO 18001:2007
  • innovative Management Information System (MIS) covering all Company operations.


ERGOSE has acquired significant experience in the improvement and upgrading of all types of railway network, complying with high standards and all the European interoperability specifications. Moreover, the Company has experience in the railway network of modern signalling, electrification and telecommunications (GSM-R – ERTMS) systems, also implementing the subsequent upgrading of its geometrical characteristics wherever necessary, so as to achieve high speeds for the passing trains.

ERGOSE specializes in restoration / upgrading works of the existing railway network, as well as its extension, with the construction of the new high standards railway line. These works require, at the same time, the construction of big structures (bridges or tunnels), as well as the regulation of the side road network and the development of the necessary hydraulic works. ERGOSE has substantial multi-annual experience in the management and supervision of contracts for such works, in combination with securing and managing funding from the European Union, aiming at the delivery of a complete operational turnkey project. This combination requires high knowhow both in specialized multifaceted railway fields and in the organization and management of European funding. This knowhow acquired by ERGOSE now integrates the aspect of maturity, resulting in maximum benefits for the final beneficiary.


ERGOSE, with the experience it has accumulated and the accreditations it has obtained, can provide its services to all interested parties, as part of both the implementation of Programs for the modernization and extension of railway networks, as well as the implementation of other programs for major infrastructure projects, in the following sectors:
1) provision of consulting services on the following issues:

  • tunnels and bridges designs
  • railway works designs (alignment, superstructure, stations, etc.)
  • railway systems designs (signalling, telecommanding, ΕTCS and telecommunications)
  • structures designs

2) provision of services on Project and Programme Management. The following fields of action are listed indicatively and not exclusively:

  • Programme Management
  • Project Time and Cost Management
  • Contract Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Safety Management

3) provision of consulting services for project construction supervision. The following detailed fields of action are listed indicatively and not exclusively:

  • complying with the terms of the contract documents, including drawings, technical specifications, etc.
  • assisting the Awarding Authority in terms of contract management / claim management
  • providing support during the commissioning of the project for normal operation and final acceptance
  • providing technical support to the Awarding Authority and the final user of the project aiming at the smooth implementation of the project

As part of the above, ERGOSE participates in project tenders abroad, as a member of joint ventures, as well as in research programs. Note that ERGOSE has already undertaken the completion of two projects and a research program.