Project Management

The Company  07.09.2016

Since 1997, the Company has been providing project management services and has accumulated significant experience and knowhow in the management of demanding complex railway projects, in all the stages of their development, which are carried out according to the rules resulting both from the framework of public works in Greece and the requirements imposed by the bodies implementing projects co-funded by the EU.

The Company carries out project management, in an effective and reliable way, aiming at the delivery of railway projects while complying with the budget cost, approved time schedules, prespecified quality standard, safety regulations and environmental restrictions.

In order to achieve the above targets, the Company is based on the following:

  • specialized experience of the personnel it employs,
  • sound organizational structure and procedures it applies,
  • development of a complete project monitoring system, which provides both the personnel involved and the Company management with the necessary valid information and representation of the progress of the projects, in order to facilitate decision-making and corrective action,
  • supervision and constant improvement of the various systems it has installed, which ensure the quality of the services provided.



As part of carrying out important action in the IT sector, the overall design, development and installation of the Company MIS has progressed; the MIS contains all the major business processes of the Company.

The system records and makes available contractual data, major milestones, implementation cost categorized per line section, type of technical object, funding source, etc., in combination with the respective commitments/target setting.

At the same time, aiming at a more detailed project time planning, ERGOSE, ever since it was founded, has been using the Primavera software (current edition: P6 Project Management), in order to develop and monitor the time schedules of the projects during their overall life cycle.

The above management System also ensures the publication of reports, which cover both the Company's internal needs, for the prompt identification of deviations from planning in order to facilitate corrective action and/or replanning whenever necessary, as well as the information needs of external bodies (such as OSE, Ministries, EU, etc.) regarding the progress of the projects it implements.



Corporate Quality Assurance System

ERGOSE has a clear Vision, Mission and Objectives (listed in the Management's Policy Statement) and a certified Quality System, encompassing much more than the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 Standard which, in combination with the sound operation of the quality control activities for the projects, create a sense of confidence and optimism.

Expert Members / Auditors of the Company's Quality Assurance and Organization Department carry out regular audits in order to check the compliance with the Quality System and its effectiveness.


Quality Control in Project Construction

Particularly during project construction, members of the Company's Project Quality Control and Audits (TEEPE) Department carry out audits to check the quality control during construction, supporting the work of ERGOSE's project supervision crews on site.

Effectiveness, in terms of achieving the desirable level of quality, is confirmed by the highly satisfactory results of the extensive sampling checks carried out on ERGOSE's projects by the independent Expert Quality Control Consultant (ESPEL) for public works. In fact, the vast majority of all ERGOSE's projects checked to date have been classified in the highest quality category.


Ensuring compliance with Environmental Terms during project construction

In order to ensure that the construction contractors comply with all the Environmental Terms imposed during the project's environmental licensing, members of the Company's Project Quality Control and Audits (TEEPE) Department carry out regular audits on site.


Ensuring compliance with the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs) in railways

All railway projects managed by the Company must have been designed-constructed according to to the applicable Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs) and have received a CE certification by the competent Notified Bodies. Within this framework, the Company has integrated in the tender documents for new designs and projects the contractor's obligation to cooperate with Notified Bodies, in order to deliver interoperable projects to OSE.



ERGOSE has installed a Safety Management System (Sy.Di.Α.), with a currently valid certificate pursuant to the OHSAS 18001:2007 Standard.

Expert members / Auditors of the Company's Health & Safety Department and the Occupational Physician maintain the Sy.Di.A. and check its effectiveness by carrying out regular Internal Audits.

At the same time, the Health & Safety Department cooperates with the Supervising Engineers and the Safety Engineers of the Project Contractors, in a constant effort to construct the projects under the safest possible working conditions, taking prompt measures to prevent accidents and occupational diseases.

Finally, ERGOSE, as a company of European standards, contributes, by participating in international conventions, one-day conferences and training programs, to the further development of the Health & Safety sector in the occupational environment of Technical Projects.