Thriassio Pedio Complex (Phase Β')

Projects / ATTICA /   19.01.2018


The project involves the construction of a modern complex in Thriassio Pedio, where the railway and freight activities will be accumulated, which are currently interspersed in facilities all over the capital.

The transportation of these installations into the same area, outside the residential web of Athens will have significant environmental and urban planning benefits for the overall urban complex of the capital.

This Complex will include: Shunting Yard, terminal for containers, custom-house, freight center, storehouses, group of tracks for stabling wagons with dangerous loads, washing facilities, as well as all the necessary installations for facilitating the above activities.




The physical object of the project for the construction of the above Complex is carried out in 2 construction stages: Operational Phases Α’ and Β’.



Operational Phase Β’ is a continuation of Operational Phase Α’ (which has been completed) and includes the laying of the Superstructure in the remaining railway lines inside the Complex (i.e. except for those executed as part of Operational Phase Α’), the construction of structures, signalling – telecommanding and electrification of the lines (of both Operational Phases Α’ and Β’) inside the Complex, the remaining rainwater drainage and sewage works and E/M installations works.


Project Stage:
Operational Phase B’: In progress
Operational Phase B’:   Regional Operational Program (ROP) ATTICA 2007-2013 & National Funds


Project Cost:  65.5 mil. Euros


Construction start:  2013
Project completion:  2018


Technical Characteristics:
Building works: building construction inside the Thriassio Pedio Complex (for personnel, central administration & control, repair and maintenance crews, etc.)


Superstructure: ballasted track with continuously welded rail, 12.3 km long, and slabtrack (boxed track)


Signalling: 160 turnouts along 52 km of continuously welded rail

Electrification: overhead contact system 32.9 km long