Underpasses in the Paleofarsalos - Kalambaka line

Projects / THESSALY - CENTRAL GREECE /   28.09.2016

The project involves the construction of two road underpasses located on either side of the Trikala Railway Station, as well as the construction of one automatic level crossing (ASID).


Specifically, it involves the construction of the underpass for pedestrians and small vehicles at the location "Saragia" of the Municipality, the underpass for pedestrians at the location "Gazelo" of Trikkeoi Municipality and the ASID at Km 73+098 of this line.


The project aims at eliminating the existing level crossings and replacing them with grade separate crossings, to ensure the uninterrupted and safe traffic of pedestrians and vehicles on either side of the railway line. Once the ASID is constructed, both the train and road traffic will be carried out in a safe way.


Project Stage: Completed


Operational Program (OP) Railways, Airports and Urban Transport (RAUT) 2000-2006

Regional Operational Program (ROP) Thessaly 2007-2013 


Cost: 2.5 mil. Euros



Construction start:  2013

Project completion: 2016