Rio - New Port of Patras

Projects / WESTERN GREECE - PELOPONNESE /   31.03.2016

In Rio (Bozaitika area) – N. Patras Port section the initial studies provided for a full underground alignment of the line within the urban fabric of Patras. The budget required to implement the above planning was estimated at 400 mil. €; however, due to the project’s technical particularities (vicinity to the coastal zone etc.) the budget could even be double that figure.


Taking into account the adverse economic conditions in Greece, it was necessary to update the cost-benefit study of the global project, as well as to investigate the optimum alternative from a technical – economic point of view for the passage of the line through Patras city, in order to technically and financially document EU co-funding of the ongoing and planned projects on this rail axis.


The alternative identified as the optimum solution provides for much more limited interventions in the region that will result in a much lower cost.


In order for the project to obtain study maturity and environmental clearance, OSE has undertaken the performance of the preliminary alignment study of the new line, as well as the relevant Environmental Impact Study. After the completion of the preliminary study, a consultation process will follow with local bodies in order for the project to obtain Environmental Clearance. The performance of the remaining studies and the project construction will be undertaken by ERGOSE.