SKA - Airport

Projects / ATTICA /   30.03.2016

The project involves the construction of a new double railway line, approximately 32 km long, in the section from the Acharnes Traffic Center (SKA) to the "Eleftherios Venizelos" Airport in Spata, including signalling, telecommanding, telecommunications and electrification.

The project is part of the greater construction project of the Attica suburban railway.

In greater detail, the project includes:

  • The construction of infrastructure, superstructure, signalling–telecommanding and electrification works, for the complete operation of the new double railway line in the section SKA–Spata Airport
  • The construction of the majority of the infrastructure works inside the zone of the Acharnes Traffic Center
  • The construction of the railway stations in the section SKA–Spata Airport (RSs of Heraklion, Neratziotissa, Kifissias, Penteli Ave., Plakentia, Pallini, Kantza, Koropi), as well as of the installations-equipment for the stations
  • The construction of part of the infrastructure works in the area south of SKA for the development of a quadruple corridor
  • The remaining works required for the completion of the projects in this section (such as works for the restoration of the public utility networks, archaeological works in the SKA area, railway systems works, application of additional protective measures, restorations of the surrounding area, etc.)
  • The execution of land acquisitions


Project Stage:


Operational Program (OP) Railways, Airports and Urban Transport (RAUT) 2000-2006, National Funds

Project Cost:
240 mil. Euros from the 3rd CSF, 60 mil. Euros from National Funds

Construction start:  2002
Project Completion: 2004

Technical Characteristics:
Section length: 32 km of double line
Design speed: 140 kph for the section SKA-Doukissis Plakentias RS and
160 kph for the section Doukissis Plakentias RS-Airport
Stations/stops: 9 Stops (Metamorfossi, Heraklion, Neratziotissa, Kifissias, Penteli, Doukissis Plakentias, Pallini, Kantza, Koropi)