The Company  30.03.2016

The funding sources of the projects implemented by ERGOSE are as follows:



The Greek Public Sector secures the national public expenses of the co-funded Programs.



European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

The ERDF contributes to the mitigation of inequalities in terms of development and living standards between the various regions, as well as of the delay in the less favoured regions.
Moreover, it contributes to the correction of the main regional inequalities in the EU, with the development and structural adaptation of the regions with delayed development, as well as to the socio-economic restructuring of these regions.


Cohesion Fund (CF)

The Cohesion Fund contributes to the mitigation of social and economic inequalities between the citizens of the European Union. It funds plans about the environment and the Trans-European Transport Networks in member states with a GNP lower than 90% of the EU average.


Trans-European Transport Networks

As part of the EU budget, funding is provided for projects of mutual interest in the sector of Trans-European Transport Networks.


Connecting Europe

This is a new support mechanism, aimed at providing funding for designs and projects, which was created for the Programming Period 2014 – 2020.