Completion of Athens Railway station upgrading - Phase B

Projects / ATTICA /   05.09.2016

The project involves all the necessary works for the completion of the central Athens Railway Station, part of which has been developed with previous contracts. It is about the completion of the construction of lines and platforms (No 1 to 6), as well as an underground crossing which provides connection to all the platforms of the railway station, as well as the connection to “Larissa” station, Attiko Metro S.A.


Project works will be implemented without interrupting rail traffic, using the electrified right half corridor of Athens Railway Station (Railway Lines 7, 8, 9 & 10) and and ensuring uninterrupted passenger access from the east (Diligianni street) and the west (Konstantinoupoleos street).


Taking into account the nature of the project implementation, the future contractor will be prepared to take all necessary safety / protection measures at any time, in order to ensure safe traffic of passengers and workers, as well as safe passage of trains, in accordance with OSE’s applicable regulations.


In summary, the contract will include the following:


  • Construction of new platforms no 1, 2 & 3 (of the new Lines Νο 1 through Νο 6) of Athens Railway Station, including provisional sheds and E/M works that will make the platforms operational.
  • The construction of the superstructure of the lines 1 to 6 of Athens Railway Station.
  • The electric drive installation on lines 1 to 6 of Athens Railway Station.
  • Completion of construction of Railway Station Underpass with staircases and elevators, and connection to “Larissa” Station of Attiko Metro S.A.
  • Elimination of the old underground pedestrian passing and completion of construction (extension) of a new small-scale Pedestrian Underpass.
  • Construction of three (3) steel Pedestrian Overpasses within the limits of Athens R.S.
  • Completion of grade-separated Interchange of Pelopos str. at the entrance of Athens R.S.
  • Completion of construction of Vehicle and Pedestrian Underpass of Domokou str. at the exit of Athens R.S.
  • Construction of remaining electromechanical installations in Athens R.S. (lighting, elevators, pumping stations).
  • Overhaul of the traffic network in the wider area, by way of road construction works, hydraulic works, restoration of installations and buildings, planting and fencing works of Athens R.S., which are essential to ensuring operability of the existing rail network.


Project status:
The tendering procedure for the project is under preparation.

Operational Programme "Transport Infrastructures, Environment and Sustainable Development 2014-2020"


Project cost estimate: 41 million Euros