Electrification of 3 Gefires - Piraeus

Projects / ATTICA /   19.01.2018

The project involves the works for the upgrading of the railway corridor Piraeus – Athens – Tris Gefires, approximately 13.5 km long, of the railway stations in the section (including the main Athens Railway Station), as well as the installation of a modern electrification system.


The project aims at the modernization of the railway corridor Piraeus - Tris Gefires, contributing to an increase in its capacity, so as to be able to undertake both the suburban and Intercity traffic.



Project Stage: A first stage of the project has been implemented by OSE and the project completion is being carried out by ERGOSE.

Funding: Regional Operational Program (ROP) Attica 2007-2013 and National Funds.

Project Cost: 12 mil. Euros

Milestones: Construction start: 2015

Completion: 2018

Electrified operation of Athens Railway Station: 07-2017

Technical Characteristics:

Section length: 13.5 km
Design speed: 80 kph