Ongoing Projects Abroad / R & D Programs

Projects  08.09.2017


Project Title: «Initiative for improving cross border transport through rail connection between Krystallopigi and Pogradec»

Location:Greece and Albania

Consortium:ERGOSE SA, OSE SA, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Albania.

Description: The project concerns the study of the railway connection between Greece and Albania, covering the existing railway gap, since the two neighboring countries are not currently connected by rail. The "Krystallopigi - Pogradec" railway section has a total length of approximately 130 km within the Greek and Albanian territory and has been recognized as part of the TEN-T Connecting Europe project. This connection covers the identified railway gap between the two countries, in accordance with Regulation No. 1315/2013 of the European Parliament and the subsequent Decision No. 661/2010 / EU, but it is also part of the recognized European Corridors, in accordance with the Connecting Europe Regulation (CEF Regulation) Planning Rules.


Services include:

(α) collect relevant information from all key stakeholders (European Commission, international financial institutions, governments, regional authorities, railway infrastructure managers and operators),

(β) assess the future socio-economic and financial sustainability of this new rail, and

(γ) assess its main implications. The scope of the study covers both passengers and freight.



Project Title:«Consultancy Services for FIDIC Engineer for Replacement of the Signalling/Interlocking Device in the railway station Podgorica, Montenegro»


Consortium: ERGOSE SA (Leader), SYSTEMA Consulting SMLTD

Description:The Consultant will perform the role of Engineering Consultant in the Railway Infrastructure Service of Montenegro, effectively exercising the Client’s supervision in the works related to the replacing of the signaling / interlocking devices at the Podgorica railway station.

In particular, the Consultant will perform the following activities:

  • Manage the “Replacement of signaling / interlocking at Podgorica railway station” in accordance with FIDIC Red Book "First Edition, 1999" published by the International Federation of Liberal Advisers (FIDIC).
  • Ensure that all projects carried out under the works contract comply with the approved plans and technical specifications, the agreed timetable and budget, the terms and conditions of the contract, the standardized technical practice, the relevant legislation, and Montenegro's policies.
  • Make decisions in accordance with the Client.
  • Inform and advice the Client on the progress of the works, quality, time and cost and implementation issues, if any.
  • Resolve any disputes between the Client and the Contractor under the FIDIC 1999 Red Book.


Research Program: “Energy Harvesting for Signaling and Communication Systems” (abbreviation ETALON) under the Horizon 2020 / Shift2Rail PROGRAM.




The ETALON research program has two main purposes:

a. The development of a technical solution for enhancing the operational functions of trains, i.e., the accurate and timely provision of information to the persons responsible for the condition of the trains, especially for the long trains. The program includes the development of a power supply system, particularly in the case of long freight trains, to supply power to train wagons lacking such a power. Emphasis will also be placed on the development of an enhanced and efficient communications system which will work reliably in the adverse railway operations environment (long wagons in mountainous environments or locations between tunnels and bridges, etc.)

b. The development of effective energy harvesting solutions to enhance the ground controller operations on the ground. The solutions will minimize the works impact for installing such apparatus on the trackside infrastructure and, especially, in installing their wiring.

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