Isthmos - Loutraki

Projects / WESTERN GREECE - PELOPONNESE /   05.09.2017

The project concerns the conversion of the existing single metric-gauge railway line of Isthmos – Loutraki into a standard-gauge line (1,435 m.) with electrification and the connection of the existing railway line, at Isthmos area, with the high speed suburban railway line Kiato- Korinthos –Airport. Also it concerns the renovation of Isthmos railway Station and the construction of two Railway Stops at Casino (Michanikou) and Loutraki.



Project status:

The project’s tendering procedure is under preparation.

The project will be proposed for funding from the  Operational Programme "Transport Infrastructures, Environment and Sustainable Development  2014-2020".


Project cost estimate: 11.5 million Euros