Kiato - Rododafni (Aigio) (Infrastructure, Superstructure, Signalling, Stations)

Projects / WESTERN GREECE - PELOPONNESE /   12.01.2018

The project involves the construction of a new double railway line, approximately 7.1 km long, in the section from the new Kiato RS to Rododaphni, after the Aigio RS, with signalling, telecommanding, telecommunications and E/M for tunnels.

In greater detail, the project includes:

  • execution of the necessary land acquisitions
  • infrastructure works for the new railway line
  • superstructure works all along the railway line
  • E/M in tunnels
  • installation of a modern ΕΤCS level I signalling and telecommunications system
  • construction of Railway Stations/Stops


Project Stage:
Under Construction

Section Kiato – Diakopto: Cohesion Fund 2000-2006 & National Funds
Section Diakopto-Rododaphni: NSRF 2007-2013, Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework (PA) 2014-2020 & National Funds

Project Cost:
920 mil. Euros

Construction start: 2006

Project completion: 2018

Technical Characteristics:
Section length: 71 km
Design Speed: 200 kph for Kiato-Lykoporia and 150 kph for Lykoporia-Rododaphni
Tunnels: 6 tunnels, with a total length of approximately 11,000 m, 8 escape tunnels with a total length of 2,150 m
Cut & Cover: 13 Cut & Cover, with a total length of approximately 1,710 m
Railway Bridges: 18
Grade separated crossings: 60

Stations/stops: 3 Railway Stations (Xilokastro, Akrata and Aigio) and 6 Stops (Diminio, Lykoporia, Lygia (area of Derveni), Platanos, Diakopto, Eliki).