Rododaphni (Aigio) – Psathopirgos (Panagopoula Tunnel) (Infrastructure)

Projects / WESTERN GREECE - PELOPONNESE /   06.09.2017

The project involves the construction of the infrastructure for the new double railway line, 21.5 km long, from Km  91+500 to Km  113+000, in the section Rododaphni–Psathopyrgos of the Athens-Patras line.

The proposed project is part of the global modernization project of the Athens-Patras project and aims at the following:
- reducing the journey time in the Athens - Patras line down to 2 hours from 3 hr 25 min., after the completion of the projects up to Patras.
- extending the modernization of the existing network to a large part thereof, beyond Kiato, as well as ensuring its interoperability (uniform gauge) with the railway network North of Athens.

In greater detail, the project involves:

  • The construction of the twin-tube Panagopoula tunnel, including the entrance and exit Cut & Cover, with their E/M installations, earthworks in the open line, structures (grade separated crossings, railway bridges, etc.)
  • protective hydraulic works,
  • execution of the necessary land acquisitions and confiscations
  • construction of the side road network
  • works for the restoration of the affected public utility network 
  • archaeological works



Project Stage:
Under construction

National Funds and, 

as of 1-1-2014, Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) 2014-2020

Project Cost:
315 mil. Euros

Construction start: 2012
Project Completion: 2018

Technical Characteristics:
Section length: 27.6 km
Design Speed: 100-150 kph         

Tunnels:  one tunnel in the Panagopoula area, with two branches (approximately 4,800 m long each, including the entrance and exit cut & cover, with cross adits every 500 m), with one intermediate tunnel approximately 500 m long, 3 railway bridges and 27 grade separated crossings