Tithorea - Domokos

Projects / THESSALY - CENTRAL GREECE /   20.03.2018

The project involves the construction of the New Double High Speed Railway Line Tithorea – Lianokladi – Domokos which replaces the mountainous part of the existing single line, 122 km long, with a New Double High Speed Railway Line, 106 km long.
The new alignment has been designed for speeds of 160-200 kph, starts from Tithorea Railway Station, moves east crossing the Kallidromo mountain with a twin tunnel, 9,038 m long each, follows a flat course through the Sperchios river valley and ends up at Lianokladi Railway Station. Then, it crosses the Othris Mountain with a twin tunnel, 6,380 m long each, follows a flat route through the dried-up lake of Xiniada and goes up to the mountainous area of Domokos until Domokos Railway Station.

A construction contract is currently in progress, which will complete the infrastructure works, involving the construction of the superstructure (ballasted track in the open sections and slabtrack in the tunnels), signalling, telecommanding, ETCS level 1 and electrification.

The project aims at the following:



Project Stage:
Under construction


Operational Program (OP) "Railway 1994-99"
Operational Program  “Railways, Airports, Urban Transportation” (OP RAUT) 2000-2006
Operational Program Accessibility Improvement (OP-AI) 2007-2013, Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) 2014-2020

Project Cost:
approximately 1.8 bil €

Construction start:  1997
Project completion: 2017 for Tithorea - Lianokladi section
                             2018 for Lianokladi - Domokos section

Technical Characteristics:
Section length: 106 km
Design Speed: 160-200 kph,
• 4 single track tunnels (per branch) with a total length of 30,837.00 m (Kallidromo and Othris Tunnels)
• 12 double track tunnels with a total length of 4,499.61 m
• 18 double track Cut & Cover with a total length of 2,374.75 m
• 6 single track Cut & Cover with a total length of 1,708.00 m
• 49 railway bridges with a total length of 6,086.88 m
• 32 grade separated crossings with a total length of 2,764.50 m
• 2 new railway stations at Molos and Agios Stefanos and two new stops at Aggies and Thavmakos.

  • reducing the journey time in the Athens - Thessaloniki line down to 3.5 hours after the completion of the projects
  • restoring discontinuities in the Trans-European Networks, part of which is the PATHE/P railway axis, which includes the present Project.